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Don’t fall foul of the Criminal Finance Act 2017!

To avoid this, HCL put together an approved supplier list (ASL)
These Umbrella Companies are believed to offer a good service to their Clients and Employees, as well as passing a higher level of compliance. We have also negotiated the below for our candidates:

  • Exclusive rates
  • Free weeks
  • Same day payments

HCL Workforce Solutions

Since 2003, HCL Workforce Solutions has been a leading provider of temporary and permanent health and social care professionals to the public and private sectors.

Working in partnership with clients we place more than 2,000 fully compliant professionals every week. Our commitment to compliancy is reflected by our recent audit results. HCL is focussed on delivering value for money, high candidate and service quality, and innovative solutions that underpin safe, efficient patient care.

Our commitment to our clients and candidates is equally matched by our commitment to our own corporate staff with investment in our in-house talent pool. HCL’s values of sustainability, integrity, collaboration, innovation and excellence is built into everything we do allowing us to invest in our staff to help them reach their full potential.

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