The Academy is a fantastic opportunity to spend an interactive week getting to know how to consult the HCL way. This cleverly crafted programme has a brilliant reputation for getting you HCL ready.

It’s a chance to share experiences, learn from your peers and build a long-lasting network with colleagues from different divisions and locations across the business. If you’re excited to join HCL, we’re equally excited to share our successful practices with you.

A wealth of advice that I’m looking to put into practice ASAP.

For me, the practical / games really emphaized the importance of the skill we were learning. Thank you.

I genuinely feel I have learned something and not just sat and been spoken at.

I’ve learned that listening is the most important skill when it comes to sales. The activities were interesting . The week was very interactive.

I have been taught to be more confident and shown where I need to improve.

I feel that I have gained more confidence in myself and in trying new ways of doing work. The most valuable thing I believe I will take from this is the different ways of questioning and the importance of questioning, especially the right questions.

Very interactive and was extremely helpful and informative. Great job Sam.

It was perfect for me. I love the activities. Sam made us learn with a bit of fun – that is always better because it generates a relaxed place.

I feel much more confident and ready to hit the ground running!