Being a nurse is an exciting and rewarding job. However, it’s only natural sometimes to feel like you need some diversity. From mental health and child nursing, to paramedic there are so many alternative medical career paths for nurses. Below, we are exploring just a few of them:

Mental Health Nursing

With one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives, most people with mental illness find it hard to cope or do not know where to turn for help. By becoming a mental health nurse, you will be providing a much needed service.

In this area of nursing, you can expect to treat people who are suffering from a wide range of illnesses, from psychological and personality disorders to neuroses and psychoses. You will learn a significant amount about the developing areas of mental healthcare, and you will be an essential part of your patients’ recovery.

Children’s Nursing

Treating children is a highly satisfying and rewarding job, from taking care of newborn babies to responding to road-traffic accidents involving teenagers, nurses who work in this field face new challenges on a daily basis.

A vital part of being a children’s nurse is empathy and reassurance. You will liaise with families to discuss the best course of treatment for their children, talk openly about the ongoing care their kids might need at home, and work with other professionals such as social workers to ensure that the children in your care are given the best possible start in life.


If you have an interest in caring for people in a calm and reassuring manner, becoming a paramedic could be the right career for you. As a paramedic, you will be the first on the scene to save lives, treat injuries, and care for people who are suffering from severe illnesses.

Day-to-day, you can expect to resuscitate, stabilise, and transport patients to hospital when they are in grave need. You will also use defibrillators and apply splints, in addition to administering drips, medicines, and oxygen. Although you will always be working in a fast-paced environment, your job will feel rewarding as you will always be delivering life-saving emergency care.

Learning-Disability Nursing

People who suffer from learning disabilities often have debilitating physical and mental-health issues. As a learning-disability nurse, you will be expected to deliver the vital care that your patients need, but you will also help to break down barriers, encourage your patient to integrate with others, and stop them from feeling isolated.

Learning-disability nursing is delivered in many places, including schools, adult-education facilities, community centres, schools, and workplaces, so you can choose which setting suits you the most.

The Right Career Path is Just Around the Corner

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