They have all been exceptional, professional and the support they have given me is second to none. I always have my shifts well in advance and should a shift be cancelled for whatever reason, they keep you up-to-date. Finally, during my time as an agency Nurse I am often asked if I have problems getting shifts, or if there has been a time where I did not get any shifts. I am pleased to say that with HCL it has been the opposite, I often have to turn shifts down.
I want to thank HCL for everything they have done to find me a job in UK. Thank you for giving me the chance to have a career progression. I enjoyed the whole procedure. My recruiter offered assistance and helped me perform better at the interview. I am also pleased with the fact that HCL was always available for any question that I had.
I am very happy I passed the job interview with ABM University Health Board. A heartfelt thanks to HCL for this great opportunity. Thank you for your strong commitment in supporting, motivating and preparing me for the interview, and for all your advice and patience.
I have worked for HCL for nearly a year and a half now. I decided to give up my permanent job and work for an agency as I am a single mum and need flexibility. The HCL team is so friendly and approachable. They listen to what I want to do, not just book me in for shifts. They wait for me to ask what I want, not just pressure me into shifts for the sake of it. It makes me feel like part of a team and I have someone to talk to.
I am very pleased with my decision to join HCL Nursing. I am really enjoying it and I am proud to tell people I work with HCL.