The professional ability of the staff to communicate with me and their willingness to make things possible for me was something I was not actually expecting.
I got a great job opportunity thanks to HCL where I discovered a new attitude of life and know-how to work.
Since I am from overseas, it is quite difficult to process my papers from the country where I came from, but HCL helped me throughout the process and made everything easier.
First part of recruiting process went quite smooth; I got great contact from the HR members, especially Robbie. They kept me updated on how the whole process was going and reassured me when everything was done. This attitude greatly improved my feeling of stability, which is probably even more important for people who plan to leave all their life behind and move to different country.
When we arrived here in UK, they were waiting for us in the airport. They gave us freebies and orientation papers. They were very nice and friendly. We felt very welcomed in this foreign country.